NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018 - Bulgaria

will take place over 48 hours on the 20-th and 21-st of October 2018

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018

Bulgaria will take part for the sixth year in NASA Intentional Space Apps Challenge. This is an event for mass collaboration, which is organised for the sixth year globally in the cities on all seven continents in the world. This hackathon is part of a larger process of defining challenges relevant to earth and space, intensively working to prototype solutions, and subsequently refining and implementing the most promising prototypes. International Space Apps Challenge is a model for innovation. The ability to contribute towards solving meaningful challenges is the most important motivator for most participants in mass collaboration.



Bulgarian Achievements


Global winners from Bulgaria

Adept - Sofia is ranked by NASA as one of the top five in Best Use оf Hardware.

SpacePort Futuristic Development - Plovdiv is ranked by NASA as one of the top five in Best Mission Concept.

Airify - Sofia is ranked by NASA as one of the top twenty five in People`s Choice. 


Local winners 2016

Projects that competed on the global round

Projects, which recived aditional prizes


More about the projects 2016 (here)


Global winners from Bulgaria

Valkyrie - Sofia is ranked by NASA as a global winner in Best Use оf Hardware.

Rain-of-Fire - Sofia is ranked by NASA as one of the top five in Best Mission Concept.

Robo-Fabric - Burgas is ranked by NASA as one of the top fifteen in People`s Choice, and on the final round is the second in the globe. 


Local winners 2015

Projects that competed on the global round

Projects, which recived aditional prizes 


More about the projects 2015 (here) 


Global winners from Bulgaria

LeafZobe - Sofia is ranked by NASA as one of the top five in Best Use of Data.


Local winners 2014




 More about the projects 2014 (here)


Global winners from Bulgaria

ChickBook - Sofia is global winner in People`s Choice.

GhOST - Sofia is ranked by NASA as one of the top five in Best Mission Concept.


Local winners 2013


More about the projects 2013 (here), 2012 (here)



Everyone can participate. Hackathons are technology development marathons that draw on the talents and initiative of bright minded volunteers – programmers, developers, engineers, technologists, designers, and anyone with a passion and desire to have an immediate impact on the world. They are open to anyone who has a passion for making a difference and are focused on developing real solutions to global challenges.


Registration will be available prior to the event and all individuals who are attending will need to register online on:

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2018


Solutions can span the spectrum from concept ideation, to prototypes and working demos, to advanced applications ready for use. Each team will choose a challenge and will decide what solution/s to develop.











The event Space Apps Challenge 2017 - Bulgaria is organised through collaboration and partnership among science community, universities representatives, business organisations, NGOs and students volunteers.






Technical University - Sofia

The host organisation TU-Sofia is the largest technical university in Bulgaria offering highly qualified trainers, engineers and technical staff, with modern laboratory facilities. More than 65 years TU-Sofia educates specialists in the field of engineering. For this period, over 100 000 engineers have graduated - bachelor degree in 26 specialties, master degree in 35 specialties, PhD degree in 110 specialties.The TU-Sofia has close working relationships with more than 50 universities in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The University is a member of prestigious European and world organisations and participates in various projects under EU, UNESCO and NATO programmes. TU-Sofia is among the leading technical universities in Europe.






Burgas Free University | Burgas

Burgas Free University /BFU/ was established with an Act of The Great National Assembly on 18 September 1991, and is one of the first non-state universities in the country. The University is accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency and is certified under the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008. BFU is a modern and innovative university, caring for its students and their professional realization, and which has significant academic achievements and an internationally recognized status. BFU is a member of the European Universities Association /EUA/. It has signed Agreements of Cooperation with 36 universities and organizations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It works under joint international projects with more than 100 universities and organizations. BFU is a partner of UNESCO under the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Prpgramme, and is a host institution of UNESCO Chair on Culture of Peace and Human Rights.






Technical University - Sofia branch Plovdiv

TU-Sofia, branch Plovdiv is an outpost of the TU-Sofia and is the largest technical university unit in southern Bulgaria. Most of the subjects from Sofia’s curricula are covered also in Plovdiv. The branch offers highly qualified trainers, engineers and technical staff, with modern laboratory facilities. More than 30 years TU-Sofia, branch Plovdiv educates specialists in the field of engineering. For this period, over 8000 engineers have graduated – bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree in nearly 20 specialties. Many students from TU-Sofia, branch Plovdiv achieved national and international awards in various students’ competitions.







The University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"  | Ruse

University of Ruse is an educational and research centre, training specialists in a wide range of engineering, economic, managerial and humanitarian degree programmes and conducting fundamental and applied research. The curricula and syllabi developed in cooperation with foreign universities and business partners provide the graduates with broad career prospects in Bulgaria and abroad. Today, over 9 000 students, 150 PhD students and 1400 post-doctoral students are studying at the University of Ruse, whose structure comprises eight faculties (four engineering and four humanitarian) and two Branches in the towns of Razgrad and Silistra. The faculties are: Agrarian and Industrial; Mechanical Engineering ND Technology; Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Transport, Business and Management, Natural Sciences and Education; Law; Public Health and Healthcare. The University of Ruse has a solid presence in the European educational space and has established a wide network of partnerships in the field of education and research with prestigious universities in Europe, the USA, Japan, Russia and many others. It is a member of respected international organisations such as the European Universities Association, the Danube Rectors' Conference, etc. The numerous projects with European funding, implemented by the University, provide excellent opportunities for mobi9lity and qualification for students and lecturers. In 2012, the University of Ruse was granted its third institutional accreditation by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of 9,28 on a 10-graded scale. This makes it one of the leading higher education institutions in the country.


  • TelebitPro

    TelebidPro is a software company based in Bulgaria. We have been providing dedicated product development and service (full cycle - design, development, support and scaling, monitoring, system integration, Business Intelligence) to our customers for more than 5 years. Being a small and highly qualified team is a part of our values. For that reason, we rely not only on a continuous development of the systems we create, but also on constant training and improvement of each team member.If you are motivated to study, if you are interested in the technologies we use (Python, JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Perl, HTML5, Linux, AWS), and you want to have a career as a software developer or DevOps, we may offer you training, paid internship and work experience. For students, office hours are to be fully in line with the university schedule.   If you already have some experience and would like to join our team and contribute with technological and complex solutions and innovations, we may offer you job opportunities as well.


    ICN.Bg (Internet Corporated Networks) is the biggest Bulgarian web hosting company, specialized in providing state-of-the-art web hosting solutions for corporate clients as well as individuals. ICN.Bg offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, colocation, domain names and much more. All our services are with world class quality and supported by a professional 24/7 technical support team, friendly attitude and competitive prices. 

  • MakSoft

    Maksoft is a leading web design company in East Europe. We have created and maintain hundreds of websites with the unique Content Managment System. We have an alogrythms for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Managment (ORM). Maksoft is a wholesaler and importer of promotional pens, I-Pens, usb flash, lighters, keyholders, bags. 

  • Evrokom

    Eurocom is a Bulgarian television channel with a national coverage. Eurocom is a private and an independent media that have launched a broadcasting since the 1996. The channel of Eurocom covers more than 6 million viewing audience in Bulgaria. Eurocom offers a thematic selection of various programs - news, talk show, series and sports. 

  • Hacker School BG

    Hacker School BG е безплатна школа за талантливи и мотивирани млади хора, обичащи и търсещи предизвикателства, такива, които искат да се развиват и да знаят повече всеки ден. Екипът на Hacker School BG предоставя качествено безплатно обучение на различни нива и направления в областта на програмирането. Ние в Hacker School BG вярваме, че способностите на хората са неограничени и затова сме готови да дадем цялото си знание и енергия, за да могат те да успеят да достигнат мечтите си. Водеща роля в Hacker School BG играят нашите партньори - високо технологични компании, които дават възможност на най-добрите ученици да използват натрупаните знания и умения в реални задачи и проекти. Hacker School BG е проект на TelebidPro

  • BBOM

    BBOM - With its pleasant form and almost weightless, it snuggles up against your body and promises what only headsets and Miniboxes do: You and your friends are floated with music selected by yourselves – be it at home, picnicking near the riverside, or on the way to those locations. And all in high quality: undiluted, galore and if you want: loud. The concept of the BBOM Music backpack is as simple as it is great: an ergonomic backpack in noble black offers you lots of space for a laptop, a breadbox, documents and others. The main function of the Intelligence Music Backpack is to provide sufficient storage space for music equipment, playback options and charging functions. By means of these tools, music can be played any time and everywhere in public places. With its design as geometric, sharp-edged item, the rucksack follows a futurist keynote. Due to its sturdy construction, the components carried and integrated in it are optimally protected.

  • Uber

    We believe that by solving some of the biggest problems of our time, we can create a future where there is limitless freedom of movement for people and things all across the world. Uber Engineering builds scalable systems to safely and reliably move people and things to the physical places they need to go. 

  • VMWare

    VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. Built on VMware's industry-leading virtualization technology, our solutions deliver a brave new model of IT that is fluid, instant and more secure. Customers can innovate faster by rapidly developing, automatically delivering and more safely consuming any application. With 2015 revenues of $6.6 billion, VMware has more than 500,000 customers and 75,000 partners. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the world and can be found online at 

  • MentorMate

    Since 2001, MentorMate has met complex business challenges with custom software development. Now, with seven offices and over 450 employees in Minnesota, Sweden and Bulgaria, our strategists, designers, architects, developers, and quality assurance engineers deliver value to our clients. We think big, design smart and develop fast for all screens, projects, and teams accelerating digital ideas with end-to-end technology services. Working confidently across diverse regulatory environments, MentorMate technologists answer business needs with engaging experiences in digital health, finance and beyond. . 

  • FORMA Design Bureau Ltd

    FORMA Design Bureau Ltd, working with the trademarks Forma and Forma Design, is an organization, with a team of designers, marketers, web specialists and consultants in the area of expert ERP systems. We are creating intelligent information systems from several years and from recently we are implementing complex communicational and cybernetic models with artificial intelligence. Our consultants and specialists are in favor of the medium and large businesses in the transfer of knowledge and techniques, the optimization of the work and sales processes, and in the creation of a unified communicational and cybernetic structures and systems that manage the business processes in a company, as well as its message to society. 


  • BAS - Space Research and Technology Institute

    The mission of SRTI-BAS is the conduct of fundamental and applied studies in the field of Space Physics, Remote Sensing of the Earth and Planets, and Aerospace Systems and Technologies. The priorities of SRTI-BAS are: solar-Terrestrial and Space Physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric physics, space weather); high-energy astrophysics, galactic cosmic rays; medico-biological studies, space biotechnologies, heliobiology, telemedicine; design, development and transfer of methods, instrumentation and technologies for remote sensing of the Earth, regional and global monitoring of the environment and security; research in the field of obtaining and application of new superhard materials; development of innovative aerospace instrumentation and technologies, as well as their transfer to economy.

  • State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

    In the last 7 years the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (SULSIT) has become one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Bulgaria.  Alongside the traditional specialties – Library Studies and Bibliography, Library Management, Print Communications and Computer Sciences, the University offers unique specialties such as Information technologies, Information Brokerage, Information Security, Information Collections of the Cultural and Historical Heritage, Information Resources of Tourism, Information Technologies in the Court Administration, Software Engineering. SULSIT has all forms and degrees of education, including the so-called PhD School. The University supports huge scientific research in the different areas where it provides educational services.

  • Junior Achievement

    Junior Achievement is the world’s oldest, largest and fastest-growing non profit economic education organization. JA Bulgaria educates and inspires young Bulgarians to value free enterprise, business, and economics to improve the quality of their lives.It prepares them to succeed in a global economy. Established in 1997, Junior Achievement Bulgaria is a member nation of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW) and its regional entity Junior Achievement –Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YE). Junior Achievement Bulgaria is the first and foremost organization in Bulgaria offering top-notch programs and courses in business, economics and the development of the entrepreneurial spirit through educational and hands-on activities in economics, financial literacy, business skills, leadership and strategies for success. JA-YE enterprise and economic education programmes are designed for young people ages 6-25 and are implemented through a partnership between local businesses and schools.

  • EDIТ (Economic Development via Innovation and Technology) - Programme in support of the digital business environment in Bulgaria. We analyze global and local trends, discuss the issues faced by start-up companies, and together we seek for solutions in support of innovations and investments. We encourage the collaboration between entrepreneurs, the exchange of experience and ideas, the establishment of a contemporary digital ecosystem.

  • Bulsatcom

    Bulsatcom is a Bulgarian Technology Company investing in innovations and modern technologies. It is the largest pay TV provider in Bulgaria offering over 100 digital TV channels (incl. exclusive content) as well as internet access.


  • Space Challenges

    This is the biggest educational program in the field of space science and high-technologies in Bulgaria. The main idea is to create a stable and adequate space education at national level and foster innovative business solutions, led by young people. The initiative involves a range of leading experts from NASA, ESA, Caltech, MIT, Stuttgart University, French National Space Program, United Nations, Stanford University, University of Oxford and others. The goal is to develop creative solutions that would foster a strong connection between education and the economy. Our efforts are aimed at helping young people to acquire knowledge and skills and to apply those at creating innovative companies and organizations.

  • U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

    The men and women of the United States Mission to Bulgaria are committed to strengthening the partnership between the United States and Bulgaria. Using the highest standards of professional excellence and personal integrity, we focus our efforts in three priority areas: Security: As NATO allies, we seek to enhance our mutual security as well as regional and international stability; Prosperity: As commercial partners, we work to increase bilateral trade and investment that promote stable growth in both economies; and Democracy: As democratic societies, we cooperate to expand good governance and strengthen the rule of law within Bulgaria.

  • National Digital Coalition

    National Digital Coalition is part of the European initiation Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The initiation underpins substantial shortcomings of professionals who are working in the sector of information and communication technologies of the European Union. This on the other hand impedes possibilities for further economic growth.
    Top priority for NDC is to attract more people towards new technologies, to achieve and deliver effective digital potential and to help the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria. NDC bonds the effort of business, universities and the government in Bulgaria in order to achieve the priorities, written in the Digital Program of Europe.
    Priorities of NDC: To break Bulgarian’s stereotypes towards technologies, programing and innovation. A larger pool of people in Bulgaria to acquire basic digital capabilities. Recruit more women in the ICT sector. Supporting children from earliest possible stage of their childhood towards creative digital education.

  • SoftUni

    Software University was founded with the sole intention to provide quality software education to young people in Bulgaria. Software University is a place where we listen to both the needs of software industry and people’s interests - preparing our students to work on real projects in the real world.
    Our mission ahead of us is to discover, train and build talented software engineers, with high level of practical knowledge, supporting the development of the software industry.

  • ТУЕС


  • Delta 3

    Delta 3 Real Estate TM is designed to meet the demand of individuals and corporate clients in real estate. The main activity of the company is consulting and brokerage for buying and selling, renting and leasing of apartments, offices, garages, houses, land, buildings, retail space. For this purpose, Delta 3 Real Estate has a young and ambitious team of professionals with extensive experience in real estate. DELTA 3 seeks to protect the interests of its customers. We strive to take out the stress and make buying/selling/renting/leasing real estate in a pleasant and rewarding process.

  • The Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology (BCWT)

    The Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology (BCWT) brings together stakeholders from the business, the government, the academia and the non-governmental sector, involving them in the process of supporting the increase of women's leadership and professional participation in the ICT sector, entrepreneurship, as well as the female share in the development of technologic and engineering products. The Centre cooperates in the implementation of regional innovation projects and stimulates research collaboration, exchange of best practices and creation of new resources in ICT. BCWT is a National Point of Contact of the European Centre for Women and Technology.

  • Coding Girls

    Coding Girls is a gender-neutral organization promoting an increased presence of girls and women in the tech, leadership and entrepreneurship. We inspire and empower girls to get in technology and develop a tech-career. Coding Girls delivers a series of worldwide events, workshops and courses. With 1000+ members across the world we are continuously growing and increasing the number of girls and women in tech.

  • eSkills For Future

    eSkills For Future delivers up-to-date information on ICT trainings, courses and events in Bulgaria. BAIT is actively working with this initiative with young people and attract them to career development in the ICT sector. Details on ICT trainings and events in Bulgaria can be found on the website. eSkills For Future Catalog includes more than 40 training initiatives - free and paid, offline trainings and distance learning options that take place in different cities across the country. The platform also contains stories of young people that have started their career in the Bulgarian ICT sector, as well as publications in popular language about the various IT professions that are unfamiliar and suitable for non-programmers.

  • DevStyleR

    DevStyleR is an online media with technology at its core. We provide our audience of influential names in industry, technology news unparalleled access to the IT Companies and their teams. Lifestyler, sport, adrenaline, cool facts and everything that intrigue the developers.

  • Ruse Free Spirit City Municipal Foundation

    Ruse Free Spirit City Municipal Foundation supports and stimulates the implementation of activities which strengthen the positions of Ruse as a city which successfully combines traditions and innovation in the sphere of: civil society development, science, education, culture, historical heritage preservation, cultural tourism development, arts and literature, inventions and high technologies.

  • GlobalTech Summit

    Java2Days - is the leading Java conference in Eastern Europe with 9 years of experience. It attracts world renowned lectors and audience from 15 countries.

    CodeMonsters - is a software development conference. It offers attendees with all the exciting new technologies in the Mobile, Web and Cloud world.


  • WHEN?

    Over 48 hours on the 20th and 21st of October 2018

  • WHERE?

    Sofia, Technical University - Sofia, Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management

    Burgas - Burgas Free University

    Plovdiv, Technical University - Plovdiv

    Ruse, University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"

    and virtually from any location in Bulgaria


    Registration will be available on the 10th of September and will continue untill 20th of October 2018. All individuals who are attending will need to register online on:


    Everyone can take his/her laptop. There will be some available, but may be not sufficient.


    Everyone can participate - developers, engineers, technologists, designers, and anyone with a passion and desire to have an immediate impact on the world. They are open to anyone who has a passion for making a difference and are focused on developing real solutions to global challenges.


    Each team can be formed by one or more participants, it is recommended up to five members. The international collaboration is highly encouraged.


    You can send an e-mail to the local lead from that location or send an e-mail to titled - COLLABORATION!


    The teams can work on one or more challenges.


    Each one team will upload the projects through the main web site option using the username and password made at registration. This option will be available prior the event.


    The projects will be defended in front of the local judges. The teams can defend their idea with a presentation.